Wait, how does this work?

Your mom friends are all talking about their new favorite baby product on the market, but you're not quite sure if your baby will like it or how long you'll be able to use it before your baby grows out of it. That's where we come in. You order through us, try it out, and return it when you're done. It's that easy! 

Now you get the chance to truly experience this product in your home, with your baby, before deciding if it's a keeper.

Wow, that sounds great! How long can I keep an item?

Our trials range from 1-12 weeks, you choose how long you'd like to keep it. We charge a flat trial fee of $5 per order, so why not keep it as long as you need! No membership required. If you end up falling in love with the item (goals!) and decide you must have it, you can convert your trial to a purchase and keep it forever. Plus, your trial fee (excluding product cost) applies towards your purchase! If you're really in a pinch and need to choose a product quickly (I'm having flashbacks to 2am swaddle shopping), select the expedited option and we'll have it to you within 24 hours. 

That's awesome! But I'm not sure - what happens if my baby ruins it?

Accidents happen, that's parenthood. Blowout? Projectile Vomit? Don't worry, mama! Simply wash or clean the item as you would your own baby's things, then return it to us. If it's completely ruined (major blowout!), we'll charge you a small replacement fee (25% of the item's retail price) and that's it. No added stress required!

Phew, that's reassuring. What if my baby loves it so much I want to keep it longer or keep it forever?

Woohoo! We're thrilled you want to keep it, that's the whole point, to make it easy to find things we love and to return things we don't. Just let us know when you've decided to keep it longer and we'll update your order to reflect the new trial period or convert your trial to a purchase.  

Eek! I can't wait! What happens after I order? 

During our Houston soft-launch phase, once you place your order with us,  we'll package your item(s) and schedule a delivery drop off time slot that works for you. You'll keep the item for your trial period, and then we'll schedule a pick up time slot that is convenient. (Don't worry, we get it, sometimes that doorbell rings at exactly the wrong moment, and we won't let that happen!) The return process is simple and easy. No labels, no additional fees, it's just like your best friend swinging by to pick something up.