Our Commitment to Safety

MaybeBaby was created to ease your shopping experience and to give you peace of mind, which means we are focused on the health, safety, and happiness of your little one just as much as you are.  We're committed to keeping our products fresh and clean in new or like-new condition. If I wouldn't use it for my daughter, then it gets retired from our inventory, plain and simple. 

All of our products are assessed, cleaned, and sanitized after each trial. And because of the popularity of some items, we're constantly adding new inventory, which means you may even be trialing a brand new product. If you have any concerns with the quality of our product we will replace it for you. 

As with any products that touch our sweet babe's gentle skin, we recommend you wash or clean the items in your own products or detergent before use which helps ensure your baby is familiar with the scent and feels right at home while you test it out.